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Japan Festival Foundation

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Japan Festival Foundation


P/A Strawinskylaan 935
1077 XX Amsterdam


The Japan Festival Foundation aims to organize Japan-oriented events on a regular basis in order to strengthen the bond between the Japanese and Dutch communities.

Main features of the policy:

The Japan Festival Foundation organizes an annual festival. The next festival takes place on the 4th of November. The details of the festival are published on the other parts of this website.

The Japan Festival Foundation finances the costs of the festival through sponsorship of institutions and companies as well as a small part from the income of sale of refreshments by third parties during the festival. The festival will only proceed if the budgeted costs are covered out of the sponsorship. The Japan Festival Foundation does not seek a capital surplus and is using all profits of the festival for the organization of the next festival.

Financial statements 2016 Japan Festival Foundation
Financial statements 2017 Japan Festival Foundation
Financial statements 2018 Japan Festival Foundation

The board members of this foundation are:
  • Chairman:
    Mr. Yoshinobu Satomi( Chairman of the JCC, Managing Director – Mitsubishi Netherlands)
  • Treasurer:
    Mr. Tomoki Nakatani (Vice Chairman of JCC, President of MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V.)
  • Secretary:
    Mr. Julien Rikkoert (Head of Japan Desk of Amsterdam inbusiness)
  • Members:
    Mr. Hiroyuki Muromachi (President of Nomura Nederland N.V.)
    Mr. Tinus Krikke (Managing Director of AON Risk Solutions)
    Mr. Junji Sato (General Manager of Nippon Express (Nederland) B.V.)
    Mr. Ferry van Schoonhoven (Founding Partner of Lexence)
    Mr. Michiel Roelfsema (General Manager of Hotel Okura Amsterdam)
Advisor to the Board:

Mrs. Christa de Kemp (Managing Director of Dujat)
Mrs. Mariko Mori (First Secretary of Embassy of Japan in The Netherlands)
Mrs. Ikuko Osada (Advisor to JCC)
Mrs. Kazuko Suzuki (JCC)

Advisory board:

H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Inomata (Ambassador of Japan to The Netherlands)
Mr. Jeroen Nijland (Commissioner of NFIA)

Project Management:

Mrs. Kazuko Suzuki* secretarial support (JCC)
Mr. Yuki Fujita  Observer (Third Secretary of Embassy of Japan in The Netherlands)

General projectmanager Japan Festival:

Mrs. Warenka van der Heijden* (Q-check)

*Members program committee