In the EXPERIENCE JAPAN zone you can purchase Japanese products and learn new techniques or make your original items during different workshops.

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Participants of the Japan Festival 2023

 EXPERIENCE JAPAN Booths (marked in green on the map) 

  1. KOIHUIS [Koi carp & Bonsai shop]
  2. J-PORT GREEN TEA JAPAN [Japanese tea]
  3. MONO SHOP + KAIKO [Japanese goods]
  4. DUTCH WASABI [Japanese ingredients]
  5. BONSAI & TEA [Japanese goods]
  6. CHORO KOJI FERMENTATION [Koji tasting] l IKEBANA HANAKUNST [Ikebana workshop]
  7. JWC – PHOTO IN YUKATA [Photoshoot in Yukata] | COLORATURA [Japanese style handicrafts workshop]
  8. ROPPONGI [Japanese goods]
  9. JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY SHO [Shodo workshop] l ST. JAPANESE HELPDESK (ANBI) [Quiz & information]
  10. HANGA LAND [Moku-hanga printing workshop] l JAPANS TAALONDERWIJS NICHIRAN [Information & Language workshop]