Word of chairman

Announcement of the 8th Japan Festival

After two consecutive years of postponement due to the global spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Japan Festival 2022 will now take place at the Stadshart in Amstelveen on Sunday 19 June 2022. This has been officially announced by the board of the Japan Festival after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted by the Dutch government, and the preparations for the festival are under way. 

The theme of the festival is “Reconnect for tomorrow”. Through this festival we would like to share with you the joy of being connected again and to keep the more than 400 years old ties between Japan and the Netherlands alive for the future. The festival is not only aimed at Japanese people living in the Netherlands, but it also aims to attract local Dutch people as well as foreigners living in the Netherlands, with a varied program of Japanese food and culture, workshops and stage performances that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

As part of the preparations, a new logo for the festival was commissioned which we are proud to share with you. For this logo we have taken a traditional Japanese design and used it in combination with the colours of the Dutch flag to express our desire for the Japan Festival to be a place where people from both cultures can meet and bond.

The Japan Festival is a not-for-profit event and is made possible thanks to the generous contributions by those who support the festival and its goals. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Japan Festival 2022!

Kentaro Kubota
Chairman of the Japan Festival Foundation