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Word of the Chairman

Although the vaccination program in the Netherlands seems to gain momentum and the Dutch government has allowed some relaxation of the restrictive measures we have had the last months, it still very uncertain when the pandemic will be under control and when large scale events, such as festivals, will be possible again.  Moreover, even when possible, it still remains to be seen under what restrictive conditions a festival will be allowed by the Dutch government. Based on the opinion of professionals in the event industry, it seems highly likely that large events will remain subject to certain restrictive measures – at least until the vast majority of the population has been sufficiently vaccinated – which may interfere with the open character of the Japan Festival.

Based on the information currently available, and considering the continued uncertainty that interferes with the necessary preparations for the festival, the board of the Japan Festival has, with a heavy heart, reached the unanimous decision that it is not feasible to organize a festival that does justice to the purpose and character of the festival in 2021, and therefore that the festival once again needs to be postponed. Our aim is now to have the next edition in the first half of 2022.

Although this second postponement will be a disappointment to all those who are in some way or another involved in and support the festival, as well as to the thousands of visitors that under normal circumstances are attracted to the festival, we ask for your understanding and continuing support.

Last but not least please stay safe and healthy!

Kentaro Kubota
Chairman of the Japan Festival Foundation